A Musical Interlude: Be Thou My Vision, Fingerstyle Guitar Version

I’m listening to music tonight while I read Seek First the Kingdom by Cardinal Wuerl and take notes for my review. One item on the playlist is Japanese finger-style guitarist Ryohei Shimoyama playing Be Thou My Vision, one of my favorite Irish hymns. Just wanted to share it with you, I hope you enjoy it. (Thanks to T. for the link. I really miss those days when we played guitars together when we were kids.)

2 thoughts on “A Musical Interlude: Be Thou My Vision, Fingerstyle Guitar Version

  1. Thanks for commenting (and for clicking Like) on this post, SR. I’ve found myself thinking about this song all day today. After I get through watching Fr. Mitch on his show, Threshold of Hope on EWTN, I may have to watch the vid again. I got to see Fr. Mitch tonight, btw. He was at the 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign kickoff along with another priest and two Charismatic Episcopalian ministers and a whole bunch of lay people. What a wonderful way to enter into the Lenten season. I used to want to get out of Birmingham (well, out of Alabama, and I did!), but now I feel so blessed to live here with EWTN just down the road and all those wonderful Franciscans and my favorite Jesuit, too. :)


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