Losing our religion, Free to worship (but not to live) as Christians

Since the HHS Mandate was foisted upon us, I’ve been told many times that I can be a Christian all I want…as long as I keep it to myself and limit it to worship inside the church building. But is that what it means to be Christian? Yes, worship on Sunday (or daily for those who go to Daily Mass) is part of being Christian. But can we reduce Christianity to that one hour on Sunday (or seven hours a week for the Daily Mass attendee)?

This is My Body, which will be given up for you
This is My Body, which will be given up for you

For me being Catholic Christian is what I am at the very heart of my being. Catholicism shapes my thoughts and desires and I seek to live my faith through every moment I am alive; even when I fall short of that goal, the goal remains. Saying that I’m free to worship in the church building on Sunday but not free to live according to the teachings of Christ and His Church is absurd. The whole point of attending Mass and receiving grace in the Sacrament of the Eucharist is to be enabled to bring the light of Christ out from within the gathering and into the world where darkness reigns, for Christ to act upon me and make me into a new creation, to fill me with new life. A participation in His Divine Life. But what I’m hearing from various people is that I should keep that light within the sanctuary, that it has no place out in public where — horrors! — someone might see it!

I don’t demand that others be Catholic Christian. I don’t demand that they talk about atheism in the privacy of their homes but never around me. I listen to atheists preach at me nearly every day of my life. They witness to me, they evangelize me, they try to convert me. I fully expect them to come to my neighborhood, knocking on doors and inviting folks to the local atheist potluck supper and tent meeting any day now. And will I tell them to keep their un-worship to themselves? No! I won’t!

Truth is, I ‘d like to see what kind of party they throw. I might even take a covered dish.


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  1. I absolutely love this and could not have said all you have any better. When one is Catholic it is who we are. It is what we are and it does not stop in the Church. The wonderful thing is though, we have so many wonderful and beautiful Saints who went through this and so much more to follow behind. They never lost faith or hope. They never gave up being Catholic. We must hang onto them, “our so great a cloud of witnessess.” They are in heaven cheering us on. Great job and God Bless, SR


    • Why, thank you, SR, and thank you for reading and commenting. Glad to meet a fellow convert! :) Don’t you love being Catholic? I do. Best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. I love your blog, btw. I’ve got your conversion story open in another tab and I’m going to read it as soon as I finish this reply.

      And, yes, I am starkly aware that the saints — and martyrs — have gone before us. I have been getting myself ready, soaking in Scripture and the spiritual writings of the saints, putting on the whole armor of God, preparing for what I know is coming. Our ancient enemy is ever on the prowl, seeking for souls to devour. May the Lord and His Blessed Mother and the Holy Angels watch over us and defend us. I pray for courage and faith for myself, for you, and for us all. But we must remind ourselves that we have the Cross to cling to. All our enemy has is puny, pitiful power.

      Thank you again, SR. I’m adding you to my prayer list, if you don’t mind, and I ask you to, please, pray for me, too. God bless and may the peace of Christ be with you always.



      • Hello Disciple,
        Of course add me to your prayer list. You read my blogs, how much more could anyone need prayer:>) I pray for all my followers as all of you are so special to my heart. I learn from you all, everytime I read your blogs or a comment is made. I see and hear our Lord in everything you write. What a beautiful soul, you are. God Bles, SR


        • Thank you! You brought a much-needed smile to my face just now, SR. (Yeah, I’m weak and sometimes I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall trying to talk with people who insist on acting like enemies instead of just having a conversation.) I add commenters and subscribers to my prayer list, but I also add everyone who insults me or threatens me (yes, that happens, too, more and more). I try to remember my friends and those who think we are enemies in my Daily Offering and Rosary and at Mass. Today I even bought myself a present: a new leather Daily Roman Missal. Now to commit to attending Daily Mass. I think I’m going to need it. God bless you, SR. I’m very glad to have “met” you. :)


          • Oh my goodness, you mean you pray for those who insult you and threaten you??? Oh NO!!!! You are carrying around inside of you what Jesus would do. That must make you a Christian:>) You are going to be fine:>)
            Hubby and I had a Barnes and Nobles day today, and I bought the Wisdom of Mother Teresa, and JPII, and a book about the Popes starting with Peter. So get ready when my 33 days of Consecration are over. Glad you bought yourself a present. I am glad to have met you also. God Bless, SR


    • How many times have I been told the same thing, not just by atheists, but even by fellow Christians. At least, they said they were Christians. How in the world can I study Christianity, worship as a Christian, and then go out into the world and pretend that none of that matters? The very people that complain that Christians are hypocrites (implying, one would think, that this is something despicable) are now demanding, with the force of law, that we be those very hypocrites that they despise. Such hypocrisy itself beggars the imagination.

      Sometimes I think I have stumbled into a Twilight Zone episode, as if most everyone in the world has gone completely insane. Then I remember that nothing really has changed. Noah and the faithful remnant were outnumbered way back in their day and we’re outnumbered now. Praise God, it’s not numbers that really count.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, JW, good to see you, as always! I’m keeping you on my prayer list, please keep me on yours. Warmest greetings to the Mrs. :) Peace be with you both!



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