For all you WordPress users out there, Re: changes to the HTML visual editor

This one’s for all you fine folks out there whose blogs are hosted at Have you noticed the change in our dashboards? Cool, huh? Well, yeah, for the most part. Except for the horrible bad awful terrible despicable all but illegible font we now see in our visual editors where we write our posts.

ARGH! I saw it for the first time today and I’m considering downloading something so I can write my posts offline and upload them so I won’t ever have to look at the editing pane again. Ugh! I’m so distracted by it, I can hardly write. I wrote a post earlier with lots of links and I could hardly see what I was doing. I wouldn’t want any of my readers to have to struggle with a font like Consolas. (Which might be fine as a short headline or in a graphic. But not as a font for content. Talk about so not easy on the eyes! Oy ve!) And I certainly don’t want to struggle with it myself. Life is too short!

Ask WordPress to puh-leez return the html visual editor to something readable!

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