A few words to and for Fr Corapi in this season of Lent

Fr CorapiFr. Corapi, I have been praying for you since I heard the news that you had been placed on administrative leave after a complaint against you [not involving sexual abuse of a minor, for anyone else reading this]. This evening I have been reading Fr. Groeschel’s book, Arise from Darkness. I know you have preached for years and have plenty of material of your own to turn to, as well as the Bible. And who knows how extensive your library must be? Still I would like to recommend this slim little book to you in what must seem to be a time of persecution, betrayal and suffering. All things happen for a reason and you and I both believe in Divine Providence. And look at the timing: We are in the beginning of the second week of Lent! God has called you to enter into His Divine Son’s Passion and Cross in a way you may not have been called to enter into it before.

Arise from Darkness, by Fr. Benedict GroeschelCling to your cross. It is the Cross of our Lord. It is your participation in His Cross. And it has been fashioned, lovingly, selected solely for you. Accept this cross, heavy burden that it surely is. Submit to it, as I am sure you have from the moment you received it.

The suffering you endure now, united to the Redemptive Suffering of Christ, will allow you to participate in the salvation of countless souls. Or perhaps even just one. And that is enough. God alone is enough and more than enough.

God alone is all that lasts and that truly is.

I will be praying for you, Fr. Corapi. You have been in my thoughts and prayers from the moment I heard the news. And there you will remain. Cling to Him. Trust Him. Be united with Him. And nothing in this world can ever harm you, no matter how hard this world may try.

And because I never tire of saying it: “Your mama wears Army boots!” ;)

God bless you!

3 thoughts on “A few words to and for Fr Corapi in this season of Lent

  1. Betty Torres

    My Dearest Fr. Corapi-
    I’am from sand Point Alaska, and my prayers are with you and I pray to our Lady every day in our Lords Name with Mother Angelica that we put this behind us and move on with life. Thank you Fr.Corapi for what you have done for all of us. God Bless You.



    I want to thank you all at Catholic Heart and Mind, for these words of encouragement to Fr Corapi.
    Fr Corapi, it is not easy what you are going through but since over the years you have encouraged others, I know the Lord will also use it to encourage you in your trying moments, it is well and I know that God is using this to make you come out stronger, He is using this experience to sharpen you for the challenges ahead. This too shall pass away. We’ll continue to pray for you.


    1. Happy Easter, Lucy! Thank you for your kind words for our beloved priest too. This must have been an especially painful Lenten season for Father. And joyful, too, as he was perhaps more than ever closely united with Christ in His sufferings. Thank you for reading and commenting, Lucy. May you enjoy a blessed and holy Easter season! God bless you!



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