The Rite, Review in the works

The Rite, I love this movie!I haen’t seen a movie in a theater since “Sherlock Holmes” was playing. But tonight I splurged and went with friends to see The Rite. I’m going to wait until I’ve had a little time (to think, read, pray, pray, and, oh, did I mention, pray?) before I try to write a more in-depth review. I want to do justice to this film. My first impression? It’s good. I want to see it again. I’ve been doing some research tonight and downloaded the book. Look for the actual review in a couple of days (give or take one or two).

Rating The Rite
In General: 5 Stars for a Ripping Good Romp That Made Me Jump (for scaring the you-know-what out of me and making me throw my popcorn on the ladies in the next row).
Representing Catholicism: 4 Stars and Better Than I’d Expected (and the priesthood was unexpectedly respected!).
Taking Evil Seriously: 5 Stars for The Conversations and Soul-Searching Provoked (and inspiring me to an even deeper commitment to resisting the devil and his culture of death with all my heart and mind and to my very last breath).

2 thoughts on “The Rite, Review in the works

  1. I saw it last night as well and am taking the same approach before writing anything of length. I agree with the sentiments you’ve expressed thus far… particularly about the reality of evil and the portrayal of the Church. I look forward to reading your lengthier review. Pax.


    1. Howdy, Greg, nice to meet you! Glad you liked The Rite. I’m going to see it again with another friend soon. Can’t stop thinking about it!

      I like your blog btw. Like your photos. A lot! Looking forward to your review as well.

      Cheers! (love the view of the pub) Peace be with you, Greg. Thanks for stopping by.


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