40 Days for Life Spring 2011, March 9 to April 17

40 Days for Life: Pray to End AbortionDue to my so-called health (and life piling up on me) recently, I didn’t get to go to the march in Birmingham last weekend. And I’m too broke to attend the events in D.C. this weekend. But all is not lost. The spring campaign of 40 Days for Life runs from March 9 to April 17 and I plan to put in as much time there as I am able.

Being down there, praying on the street outside the abortion mill, seeing what happens there—talking with women who do not feel that they have freedom or choice—has changed my life. Being pro-life is not some religious or political abstract concept to me any longer. And my longing to do more, to spend my life working for the Culture of Life, only grows stronger and stronger. Thanks be to God!

40 Days for Life Spring 2011 Campaign is from March 9 to April 17. Applications for your city or town for the next 40 Days for Life campaign are open through January 31. Think—and pray!—about it.

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