Filling up my hard drive with MP3’s and eBooks

Faith and Certitude, Fr Thomas Dubay, my friend gave me a copy for ChristmasFor days now I have been downloading free stuff from the web, free books at Project Gutenberg and free MP3’s at the Institute of Catholic Culture on their media page. Good thing I have all those external hard drives! Plus I bought some used books and a friend gave me a volume from his voluminous library! Whew! Got my work cut out for me, I do!

In case you’re interested, here is a *partial* list of titles I am reading/listening to or will be reading/listening to in the near future.

Audio Titles

  • The Holy Spirit: The Gift of God, Dr William Marshner;
  • Protestant Revolution, Dr Marshner;
  • Early Councils, Dr Marshner;
  • The Great Schism: 1054 and The Councils of Reconciliation, Dr Marshner;
  • The Cleaving of Christendom: The Story of the Church of the Second Millennium, Steve Weidenkopf;
  • St Athanasius on the Incarnation, Dr Robert Moynihan;
  • Shadows of the Messiah, Sabatino Carnazzo;
  • Wisdom of the Ancients: Natural Reason and the Pursuit of Truth, Dr. John Cuddeback;
  • Seeking Wisdom: Boethius and the Birth of Christian Philosophy, Prof. Mark Wunsch;
  • Technology and the Tree, Fr. Paul Scalia;
  • Shadow, Image and Reality: The Church as Sacramental Building, Dr. Denis McNamara;
  • Natural Law: The Image of God in the Heart of Man, Rev. Paul Scalia;


  • Several free eBooks by G K Chesterton from Project Gutenberg;
  • Several free eBooks by Hilaire Belloc from Gutenberg;
  • Philosophy of Tolkien: The Worldview Behind the Lord of the Rings, by Peter Kreeft (Wow! My friend loaned me a copy and I bought it for my Kindle on my laptop so I could take it with me everywhere I go.)
  • Faith and Certitude: Can we be sure of the things that matter most to us?, by Fr Thomas Dubay (this is the one my friend gave me);
  • Many, many Greek and Roman classics;
  • Dante’s Divine Comedy;
  • The Summa, St Thomas Aquinas;
  • and Four Arthurian Romances, Chretien DeTroyes

Yes, this is a partial list and I have enough right now to keep me busy reading and listening for years to come. But will that stop me from finding more free stuff or buying more used stuff? Nope! I already have more used Peter Kreeft titles on the way: his C S Lewis for the Third Millennium, Christianity for Modern Pagans, and (not used, drat it! but I can hardly wait to listen to) the C.S. Lewis: The Signature Classics Audio Collection, CD set.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year! Peace be with you. Now I’m going back to work on some reviews for the site. I’ve got Scrivener open in another window and I’ve got several writing projects open and I’m bouncing from one to the other, and downloading more stuff, and doing “research”, all at once. (Linear approach? What’s that?!)

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