Blogging falls behind but novel rushes ahead

I know I’m way behind on posting here (or anywhere else, for that matter), but I am thrilled to report that the novel is really coming along and ahead of schedule. I am forcing, absolutely forcing myself to write text instead of endless notes to myself about the text. I generally get caught up generating ideas and things to work in and have a hard time getting actual novel text hammered out on the keyboard. I still allow myself a short time to do research and jot down ideas, but after a few minutes, I yell to myself, “Enough! Now write the bleeping novel already!” That’s worked pretty good. I let myself do quite a bit of research yesterday. Then I said to myself, “There! Now that is going to have to last you a good long time. You can do more of that for the revising stage. Now write!”

So I did! The story has taken quite a turn that I did not foresee. But this is the best time I have ever had doing the novel in a month madness and I’ve reached my 50,000 words four times before (three times for NaNoWriMo and once for WriDaNoJu). Using Scrivener writing software and forcing myself to stay on task is making all the difference in the world. Woohoo! Finish line, there’s a new novel heading your way! I’ll also be able to purchase this software for 50% off by showing the Scrivener folks that my word count has been validated. See more about the Scrivener for NaNoWriMo offer for Mac and now for PC too.

Progress updates on my latest novel (I love the way that sounds!) will be on the right sidebar of my blogs. (I replaced the graphic that was on there because it was taking so long for it to update my word count or for it to refresh or whatever.) As always, thanks for reading and may peace be with you!

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