There is a God.

How do I spell idiot? M-E. Oy.Yes, in case anyone was wondering, there is, indeed, a God. I left a friend’s house yesterday. We piled my dogs and hers into her car and left my car parked in her driveway. When we got back from spending at least an hour romping with the dogs, I noticed, as we drove down the street, that my car’s trunk was open. “Ack!” I cried in a somewhat strangled voice. When my friend stopped her car, I jumped out (literally jumped) and ran over to my open trunk. I looked into it for a moment, then said,

“Well, (…), there is a God. And there really are guardian angels.”

“Didn’t we already know that?”

“Yes, but now we have proof!”

Yes, there is a God. And He watches over fools like me who leave a moderately expensive (to me) camera, laptop, iPod, bunches of books, and a bucket of change exposed for any passing and even slightly avaricious soul to grab. (Is it possible to be slightly avaricious?)

How did it happen, you ask? I’m reasonably sure that I accidentally hit the wrong button on my key as we were pulling out of the driveway. I opened the trunk instead of locking the car. Oy. (Shakes head.) I can be a complete nincompoop.

Peace be with you and may the Lord and His angels watch over you. Amen.

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