Remember us? We are America! Music for patriots

Okay, so I guess hundreds of thousands of people have heard these songs before I did. I am America has had nearly 600,000 views on YouTube, and that’s the stats from one YouTube user. (Video below.)

Watch I am America on YouTube.

I wanna go! I want to gather with my fellow patriots so I can be part of this historic and peaceful effort to move the closed minds and hearts of stone of those who have taken over the capitol and are trying to drive our nation into the ground. The politicians who are worried more about political careers than they are about our country.

And why do we allow any politician to make a career out of politics, anyway? They were supposed to serve—and not just themselves or their party—not lord it over us, and then they were to go back to their private lives in the private sector where they could feel the effects first-hand of the laws they have passed! Let those in the government govern themselves the way they’ve been governing us and see how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot. I’ll bet they wouldn’t like it one little bit. Why, they’d have to pay their taxes or face the consequences, wouldn’t they? Or would they…?

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