I started another novel last night

I started another novel last night. Writing one, not reading one. Uh huh, I decided it was too early to have Christmas in July, so why not have NaNoWriMo in June? I wrote more about it on my other blog, the one that was supposed to be the story of my conversion, which I hardly ever write about there. So now it’s just a general blog about being Catholic and being a disciple or trying to be a disciple and sometimes almost making it, and about life in general, and—huh? How is that different from this blog, you say? Well, if you wanna get all technical and picky about it…And snarky too… Anyway, I’ll post updates about it over there. And I’m not posting any of the actual text of the incredibly rough rough draft, nope, no way, unh uh. It may never see the light of published day, not even on my blog. But then again, it may. Who’s to say? Well, me, actually. We’ll see how it goes. I have a lot of projects. Always. Happy sigh. :)

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