Your tax (and other) dollars at work, revolutionaries, er, organizers flock to Arizona

Updated Apr 16, 2019: Noticed the video link below wasn’t working, fixed that. I’m still trying things out here at the site, seeing if I want to keep this theme, editing broken links, tweaking this and that, kicking the tires.

Your tax dollars at work: Socialist Revolutionaries, er, I mean, “Community Organizers” swooping in like vultures, using their “angelic” wings to fan the flames of racial unrest and hatred in Arizona. I was wondering how the protests got organized so fast and how they got all those nice signs printed up—when it occurred to me, “Hey, revolutionaries in that community sure got organized in a hurry. Doh! That’s what ‘community organizers’ are for!” Thank goodness our tax dollars go to so many fine and upstanding community organizations. And thank goodness Saul Alinsky spread his cancerous tentacles of revolution so thoroughly throughout the vast organization called the Catholic Church all those years ago. I wonder how much money the Church, through Alinsky’s groups like the CCHD, paid for all those nice signs and those nice “non-violent protesters”?

“Non-violent” protesters attacking somebody who dared to take photos of their “non-violent” protest. Hmm, these photos look pretty different from the tea parties I’ve been seeing and hearing about. This is what the left wishes the right would do.

See more photos from the “non-violent” protests in Arizona. Read more here and here at Michelle Malkin’s blog. See a fascinating video on Saul Alinsky and the CCHD produced by ChurchMilitant Archives as part of their new project, Catholic Investigative Agency. You can sign up for a premium or free account to see their videos. I ordered a copy of the CCHD DVD for just $5, plus $1 shipping. View previews on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “Your tax (and other) dollars at work, revolutionaries, er, organizers flock to Arizona

  1. Jesus got mad in the temple with the hypocrites and money changers. She uses the church to suit her fancy, and ignores mass genocide of unborn children under her nose, and invites illegal immigrants to become slave labor for the new elite.


    1. Jesus rebuked hypocrites, indeed. And the Pope granted a private audience to Pelosi, which she then tried to spin. Oy ve…

      The slave labor aspect is a problem of both Democrats and Republicans, while the abortion problem is mostly but not exclusively Democrat. We have a long and shameful history in the United States of such behavior. I pray we can someday live up to the ideals expressed in the Declaration and the Constitution.


  2. I welcome your mention of this history book. I use this constantly as my touchstone to the context of the events and affirmations of values through law that make us the USA. It is the irony of history that our Republican President Lincoln confronted the slavery issue that was too explosive to discuss. It is the irony that we see Democrats today pretending to be compassionate, by allowing people with no rights sneak into our country to be used as slave labor. God save and preserve our union.


    1. It’s a great book, I’m enjoying it immensely. Yes, it is ironic that Republicans are being accused of racism now for wanting to deal with immigration in a lawful, legal, sensible way. I saw on the news earlier that Pelosi is asking the clergy to support Democratic policies and to teach about dignity and respect. I understand that she actually asked, on the National Day of Prayer, for the clergy to preach immigration reform from the pulpit. As if! She is the worst Catholic I’ve ever seen. No Catholic can support the Democrats’ platform and agenda for using illegal immigrants as means to an undignified end. Not and still be Catholic and in a state of grace.


  3. 150 years ago there was a civil war to end slavery. Today there are protestors in the USA to enable the rich and powerful with more slave labor under the name of illegal immigrants. What progress! New slave labor trapped in a system designed to keep them alive as long as needed. Protestors are helping illegal immigrants to become slaves. This seems a giant step backward for human rights vs slave owners.


    1. A Patriot's History of the United States, Real U.S. History!You know what’s really funny? Well, not funny funny, just odd funny. It was the Democrats who were founded back in the 1800’s specifically for the purpose of not allowing the subject of slavery to be brought up or discussed in the legislature or in the newspapers that were started by them. (See A Patriot’s History of the United States.) How about that, huh? The media was owned by the Dems even then. Lock, stock and barrel. No wonder they always tout the party line.

      But I think only part of this is to keep them economic slaves. The other part is to use them in the census (if they can be coaxed to reveal themselves) in order to take advantage of their numbers for House representation. And let’s not forget about ACORN and their voter (ahem) registrations. Dems stand to benefit mightily from the millions of immigrants in the country, illegal or otherwise. Ever hear of “spoils” and “patronage”? (Again, see A Patriot’s History.) They love the racial tensions, the flames of which they stoke at every opportunity.

      They want Puerto Rico to be admitted as a state. Why? Because Dems have been losing public support in the polls. So they’re going to cook the numbers. And fry the rest of us, but good. Oy.

      Nice to meet you, hoboduke. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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