No evidence is evidence? Hey, Smithsonian, wanna buy some land?

The Smithsonian is targeting students who doubt Darwinism, according to a recent article at Evolution News. “The most amusing part of the exhibit proudly explains that evolution predicted we’d lack evidence for evolution; that’s how we know it’s true!”

The most amusing part of the exhibit proudly explains that evolution predicted we’d lack evidence for evolution; that’s how we know it’s true! — From the article at the Evolution News.

Now I’m sure you know what I’m thinking. Yep. I’m thinkin’, How come the “lack of evidence” for evolution is itself evidence for evolution? And this is from the Smithsonian? Are we supposed to take them seriously now? As scientists? As an organization that promotes or represents a high standard of science? A high standard? Any standards?

Excuse me, I’m going to get a cup of coffee to help my poor head. I suddenly have developed a headache. First I read that certain lawmakers are considering banning late-term abortions because they hate the thought of causing pain to fetuses. Not killin’ ’em, mind you. Apparently, that doesn’t bother ’em at all. But causin’ ’em pain, no, can’t have that. Good Lord. Now the Smithsonian says that no evidence is evidence. Oy ve. Has the world gone insane? Have people gone absolutely crazy?!

4 thoughts on “No evidence is evidence? Hey, Smithsonian, wanna buy some land?

  1. myodeiswritten

    I can’t help but think that was taken a bit out of context. They really just mean that not all species leave fossils—but if the gaps were huge and ubiquitous as this article implies, no scientist would believe it.

    While I ultimately believe that God did design the Earth and plan out its natural history, I still think natural selection is sound. God might have intervened here and there, but he might have just let nature runs its course. I think that it is the Church’s position is that, as long as we do not say that the human soul evolved (and hence is not a unique creation of God), there is no problem with accepting evolution, and that is my view as well.


    1. Greetings, myodeiswritten! I’m wondering if you read the post I linked to, the one that quotes the Smithsonian’s educator’s guide. My post is not about whether or not evolution is true, or what I think about it, or what the Church’s position is. My post is actually about the somewhat dubious claim that the Smithsonian actually makes in a guide for educators: that the science actually predicts a lack of evidence (see quote below). And this is the way we are training students to think. Or rather, not to think, but to blindly accept the notion of science by consensus. That’s my problem with this, the science by consensus, rather than science by experiment and observation and thinking and following the trail of evidence wherever it leads. What we seem to have instead is following the consensus of opinion which excludes the possibility that certain conclusions can be made. To my mind, that isn’t science at all.

      Misconception: Gaps in the fossil record disprove evolution.

      Response: Science actually predicts gaps in the fossil record. Many species leave no fossils at all, and the environmental conditions for forming good fossils are not common. The chance of any individual organism becoming fossilized is incredibly small. Nevertheless, new fossils are constantly being discovered. These include many transitional fossils—e.g., intermediary fossils between birds and dinosaurs, and between humans and our primate ancestors. Our lack of knowledge about certain parts of the fossil record does not disprove evolution. —From the Smithsonian’s Hall of Human Origins Educators Guide.

      Not only is the claim that there are many transitional fossils somewhat dubious from what I’ve read, if memory serves, but there is also the claim of the many transitional fossils between humans and our primate ancestors. If memory serves again, I believe that some rather recent examples of these transitional fossils turned out to be quite false, something that didn’t get nearly the press coverage that the earlier stories received.

      So, everyone is indeed entitled to his or her opinion. But I’m not interested in anyone’s opinion, not even the Pope’s. I want truth. So I am still watching all this play out. And I reserve judgment until enough convincing evidence can be shown for me to accept one view or another. Even my own opinion doesn’t sway my use of reason. I shall wait. I’m in no hurry.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, myodeiswritten. Interesting handle, btw. Are you a poet? Peace be with you.


    1. I have read some of your posts on that. I’m somewhat in awe of your philosophical knowledge, JW. You and my friend Noah would hit it off, I’m sure of it. I could introduce you guys to each other… and then just sit back and wonder what the heck ya’ll were talkin’ about. ;)


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