But we want them to lust after us, O, Catechesis, where art thou?

50 Questions on the Natural Law by Dr. Charles RiceI was listening to Fr. Mitch Pacwa on Open Line this afternoon and a caller was asking him about something he (Fr. Mitch) had said about lust and about how we don’t want people to lust after us. Now I don’t have the podcast downloaded yet and I’m paraphrasing from memory, but I think the caller said that he and his friends decided that oh, yes, uh huh, they certainly do want girls to lust after them.

Oy. I was shaking my head as I listened. (Which caused my dogs some concern since we were driving home from the park at the time.) But this was serious. The young man on the phone was Catholic but he didn’t even understand the difference between lust and attraction. I don’t think he even knew that there was a difference. How could this be? How could his knowledge of the faith be so lacking? This is pretty basic stuff, the stuff of sin and morality. Attraction is natural. Lust is a sin. Did he and his friends want girls to actually sin, which is what lusting after them would be?

This is one more incident that the Lord has shown me lately that proves that what Pope John Paul II said to Cardinal Gagnon is as timely now as it was then:

Error makes its way because truth is not taught.
From 50 Questions on the Natural Law by Dr. Charles Rice.

I Want To See GodTruly, error “makes its way because truth is not taught”. The world needs the Light of Christ more than ever. I’m closing the laptop after I post this. Then I’m going to read more of a book I’m grown to love more and more over the years. And I’m going to read my Bible, the book I’ve loved the most and for the longest. My dog-eared, note-filled, paperback Bible in its well-worn cloth zipper cover. My constant companion on the journey home.

Peace be with you. And grace for your own journey. Thanks for reading. :)

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