Abortion and fetal pain or the lack thereof

Abortion is wrong because it causes death, not because it causes pain.
I’ve been reading that some people oppose abortion because of what they call “fetal pain”. Other people oppose opposing abortion because they say the fetus does not feel pain. Excuse me, but I think both sides of this discussion are missing the point. Abortion is not wrong because it hurts the fetus. Abortion would not be right if it did not hurt the fetus. Abortion is the direct killing, the murder, of the fetus, whether or not said murder causes the fetus to feel pain. The whole notion of approving of an act which causes the death of a human being, while disapproving of causing pain or suffering to the same being, seems more than nutty to me. I can see being concerned not to cause unnecessary pain to animals who are being euthanized. Or for criminals who are being executed, which is something that really should be extremely rare in our society, so rare that—well, I really don’t think we even need the use the death penalty. But to consider murdering a child in the womb as perfectly legitimate, even a right, as long as the murder is painless…is insane!

Read the full article: Nebraska Bill to Ban Late-Term Abortions Based on Fetal Pain Passes First Vote.

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