There must be more than one speaker named Nancy Pelosi

There must be more than one speaker named Nancy Pelosi. Because there’s a website (standwithnancyDOTcom) calling Nancy Pelosi “one of the strongest and most effective speakers we’ve ever had. We know how effective she is – and the GOP knows it too.”

Fire Nancy Pelosi!

A-Patriots-History-of-the-USYeah. Effective. Right. I’ll tell you what the GOP knows. They know that the Speaker of the House is the worst speaker they’ve ever heard. Listening to her make some silly speech the other day made me literally wince. The first time we get a woman speaker and it’s her? Good Lord. She’s pathetic. And certainly the sorriest excuse for a representative (or an allegedly Catholic Christian!) I’ve ever seen. Let’s vote these people out in November!

Fire Nancy Pelosi! And let’s not stop there. Let’s get the rest of the left-wing radicals out of our government and our schools too! Enough is enough! Join me in prayer. And in action. Let’s pray for the conversion of the hearts and minds of these folks. And let’s educate ourselves and our families and friends about what’s happening to our country, to our Constitution. A good place to start that particular project might be by reading the book I’m reading right now: A Patriot’s History of the United States. While we’re getting the left-wing ideology out of our educational systems, we need to get it out of our own heads too. Do yourself a favor and read this book. And find out about the lies we’ve been told for far too long.

If you know of more good titles like this, please share them. With me. With the people around you. Knowledge is power, it’s been said. I’d like to modify that: true knowledge can lead to power. But I don’t want power. I want truth. More to the point, I want to serve Him Who is The Way, The Truth and The Life. And the left-wing has done their best to shove our religion out of sight—and their own irreligion down our throats—for long enough. We can stop it. We can turn things around. Or rather, God can turn it around if we do our part and co-operate with Him. You and I can make a difference. Right now, wherever you are, you can say to God, “Forgive us and please please help us to be faithful to You from now on, no matter what.”

And know that He is our Rock and our Fortress. And that all things are possible with Him.

Peace be with you.

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