So it’s wrong if it hurts but not wrong if it doesn’t?

So, let me get this straight: some people think abortion is wrong because it…hurts…the fetus. And other people think abortion isn’t wrong because they think it…doesn’t…hurt…the fetus. :O

I’m sorry but that is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard! Well, two of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Ever! I’ve read this several times now on different blogs, websites, in pamphlets. I’ve heard people say this stuff. And women have actually stopped and wondered if maybe they shouldn’t abort. Because. After all. It might. Hurt. The baby.

Gee, ya think?! By this line of (and I hesitate to use the word) reasoning would-be murderers should stop just before pulling the trigger and ask themselves:

“Hey, should I really be doing this? I mean, might I perhaps cause some level of, oh, I don’t know, pain to my soon-to-be victim?”

Yeah, so this is what bugs me about that. Well, one of the things that bugs me. These people are saying it would be okay to murder somebody as long as it doesn’t hurt? Painless murder, that’s what makes all the difference?

“Okay, ma’am, you can squeeze the trigger now. He’s nice and sedated for ya.”

“Alright. Like this?”


(Startled) “Eek! Oh, my!” (Regaining her composure) “Thank you, young man.”

“That’s all right, ma’am.” (Holds a hypodermic needle up for her to see, pats it affectionately and continues) “Old Betsy and I have put plenty of ol’ coots like that out of other people’s misery. Oops, sorry, ma’am. Didn’t mean to be disrespectful or nothin’.”

(Giggling) “Oh, that’s alright. As long as he didn’t suffer. That’s the main thing, isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be on my way now, ma’am. Ol’ Betsy and me still gotta help a lotta other folks ease on down the road today.”

“Okay. You come back now to see me sometime, young man.”

“Oh, I will, ma’am.” (Waving ol’ Betsy in the old woman’s direction) “See you real soon!”

(Preening) “Really?”

“Yep. Your son’s done already made all the arrangements. Betsy and I’ll be back to see ya Wednesday next!”


Good grief. People are gettin’ dumber and dumber. Crazier and crazier. I’m thinkin’ of gettin’ my stuff together and takin’ my dawgz to live out in the desert somewhere. Away from what passes for “civilization” and “polite society”. I’d rather live with scorpions and rattlesnakes. At least they’re up front about what they are. Ain’t no rattlesnake nor scorpion never run no slick ad campaign tryin’ to seem like they’s anything other ‘an exactly what they is. Sneaky reptiles that’d slip into a person’s boots and inject ’em with poison as soon as look at ‘im.

At least snakes and scorpions are honest about what they are. And what they do.

2 thoughts on “So it’s wrong if it hurts but not wrong if it doesn’t?

  1. Well, we’re all right defining a human being as a person. And we’re all right defining a human being as a person who deserves respect and protection at all stages of his or her life. But where we run into trouble is denying the definition of a human being (and every human being) as a person.

    Not all persons are human beings (angels, the Trinity) but all human beings are persons.

    What some folks want to do is say that some beings are human beings but are not persons. That is where we walk a dangerous path. Not in defining who is or is not a person, but in denying the personhood of any human being (at any stage of life or in any condition of life).


  2. Yeah, I continually run into the illogical terms of the abortion rhetoric. The inconsistencies abound. All too often, if we took the same arguments and applied them to people in general instead of just babies, everyone would eventually get killed off.

    When we start defining who is or who is not a “person”, we start walking a dangerous path.


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