How often do doctors predict problems and urge abortions

The doctor told the parents to abort her“The doctor told me my baby was deformed and couldn’t survive. He told me the merciful thing to do was to abort.” “My wife called me at work. She was devastated. She had an ultrasound and the doctor told her he could see that the baby had so many problems, there was no way it could live a normal, healthy life. The doctor and his nurse told her she should terminate the pregnancy.” “My baby was supposed to have Downs Syndrome. My doctor assumed I’d want an abortion.” “My life was a mess. I was on so many drugs, alcohol…Then I found out I was pregnant. The doctor was furious when I refused to abort my baby. He said my baby would suffer from drug addiction like me and that just wasn’t fair to the child.”

I have heard all of these stories and many more like them over the last two years. In each of the cases I’ve mentioned above, the parent(s) ignored the doctor’s advice and allowed their babies to be born, accepting the possibility that their child might have health problems that would challenge them and possibly turn their lives upside down.

And in each and every case, the baby was carried to term with no problems. And at birth, exhibited absolutely no defects or health problems of any kind whatsoever. And several years later, none of the children have developed any abnormal problems either.

If you have experienced anything like this, please consider telling me about it here at the blog. You can leave a comment on this post. You don’t have to use your real name and I won’t publish or share any of your contact info. But please let me know if a doctor or a counselor or relative has ever tried to convince you that you’d be doing a favor to your unborn child by aborting her or him. Why? Because people need to see how many times this is happening. Because I read a story at LifeNews last night about Spain okaying abortion of babies if doctors say the babies are disabled. Good Lord, doctors say these things all the time. And they are often wrong, praise God, but you can see that the doctor’s opinion could very well doom a perfectly healthy normal child.

And now Planned Parenthood is looking for Hard Abortion Stories to Promote Health Care Bill. PP wants to parade women before Congress and the American public to try to sway them to favor abortion. And the federal (read, taxpayer) funding of abortion in the “health care reform” bill. They’ve sent an urgent call to action to their followers on Twitter:

“Help us tell the real story. Your story. Right now, Congress needs to hear from women who have experienced wanted pregnancies where there was a severe health risk to the fetus, causing the women to choose abortion..” — Quoted from LifeNews.

Why is Planned Parenthood sounding so desperate for this bill to pass? Because they are concerned about women’s health and providing excellent, compassionate service and care to their “customers”? No! They are concerned that they might lose huge amounts of money if the bill doesn’t pass or if it doesn’t contain the abortion funding that some Washington leaders tell us is not in the bill, while other leaders say it is.

What is the truth? The truth is that doctors don’t know whether or not a child is “handicapped” until the child is born and out of the womb where the doctor can actually see him. The truth is that some doctors and even nurses seem to have an agenda and seem to be more intent on serving an agenda than on serving their patients. Do they get kickbacks from Planned Parenthood for funneling “customers’ to them? Or have they discovered abortion as a lucrative sideline to add to their list of “palliative treatments” to offer their own clients, er, patients?

Read the full article, Planned Parenthood Looks for Hard Abortion Stories to Promote Health Care Bill at LifeNews.

4 thoughts on “How often do doctors predict problems and urge abortions

    1. Hi, JW! I tell you, the more I learn about Planned Parenthood, the more sickening I realize it truly is! I’m reading “Sacred Work” by the *REV* Tom Davis. He’s not a pro-lifer at all. He’s the chair of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Clergy Advisory Board. He is a minister in the United Church of Christ. It’s a thoroughly sickening book. Disgusting. And disturbing. I’ll blog more about it after I’ve read more and have had time to digest it. And barf. Ugh, I hate reading this stuff, but I have to know and I have to let others know too.

      Thanks for reading, JW. Peace be with you. :)


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