Not another one of those places, scenes from the sidewalk

Her Choice Birmingham Women's Center, exterior viewI was standing on the sidewalk, peering through the viewfinder on my camera, taking some exterior shots of Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center downtown. A young man passed by and stopped to see what I was doing. He glanced across the street and his shoulders visibly slumped.

“Oh, man, I didn’t know another one of those places had opened up down here.”

“Another one of what places?” I asked.

“Another one of those women’s centers where they do abortions.”

“They don’t do abortions at Her Choice, darlin’. They do free pregnancy tests, free limited ultrasounds, free referrals and counseling and give free assistance and classes on parenting, and have an ‘earn while you learn’ program. It’s a wonderful alternative to abortion.”

Petals Boutique at Her Choice Birmingham Women's Center Her Choice, interior view

He was smiling really big by the time I finished describing the place to him. We talked for several minutes before we had to part and go our separate ways. Turns out he is getting married soon and his wife-to-be is pregnant and he was positively beaming as he told me about what he has planned for that lucky child. And the lucky bride too. She is blessed to have a man like him. (Yes, I wish they had gotten married first, but I’m very glad they are getting married at all!) I gave him some business cards with contact info for 40 Days for Life and he promised to pray for an end to abortion. He said he wants to come down to pray in front of Planned Parenthood. I hope he will. He’s a good man and I pray that God will bless him and his family for many years to come.

Peace be with them. And with you. God bless you.

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