Reporter interviews 40 DFL participant, station declines to air the segment

The reporter was kind and considerate and conducted himself in a very gentlemanly way. He got video footage of our 40 Days for Life vigil site outside our local Planned Parenthood. (Use link or see video on YouTube or below.) He talked with us a while and filmed one of us for a few minutes, allowing her to speak freely and frankly about abortion and about alternatives and about what the 40 DFL prayer vigil is all about. I was delighted with the way he handled his coverage of the story and with my fellow vigil-er’s thoughtfulness and with her presentation of the pro-life message. She wasn’t even scheduled to be there, I think I was scheduled to be alone at that hour. I’m so glad I wasn’t! I’m so glad God led her to be there then!

Alas, the TV station declined to air the segment on their newscast but the reporter had promised us that he would post the interview in its entirety on the station website. And he was true to his word. You can view it there now.

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