Planned Parenthood in Birmingham on probation

Planned Parenthood on Southside in Birmingham AL is on probation. As a result of a LiveAction undercover sting operation a while back, Alabama health officials began an investigation and has now put them on probation. Planned Parenthood has a week to get it together. And our 40 Days for Life Vigil begins next week too, the same day as Ash Wednesday. Woohoo! Please, Lord, shut them down! Read more at Jill Stanek’s site.

4 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood in Birmingham on probation

  1. I don’t really understand the whole planned parenthood thing. I know that they offer more good services for the community than bad services like abortion. I mean if I was raped by a nasty man and became pregnat and coun’t afford a baby what would I do. But no you can get a pap smear, vaccines, condoms, and prenatal medication there. It sucks that people are only concerned with this one thing.


    1. Hello, energylife. Let me be sure I understand what you’re saying. You’re saying that if a nasty man rapes you, you’re fine with killing the innocent child conceived by the rape, yet you mention nothing about punishment of the nasty man who actually committed the horrible crime. (If he weren’t a nasty man, would that make a difference?) You’re also saying that as long as someone offers “good services” to a community, then they should be allowed to offer services that are bad, as you yourself admit abortion is. You didn’t say, but I wonder what you think about the fact, that the vast majority of “service” provided to women who go to Planned Parenthood is abortion, the killing of an innocent human being, no matter how that human being happened to be conceived.

      I am constantly amazed that people are concerned with everything except this one thing: That killing a child in the womb is accepted as normal and even allowable in what is otherwise a highly advanced and civilized society. How, from where this country began, did we ever reach a time such as this, teetering on the edge, one foot dangling over such a dark abyss?

      No amount of supposed “good” someone does can ever outweigh the plain and very real evil that same person also does. The services and products you mentioned can easily be gotten from other sources, sources which do not kill babies or harm women in the process. PP is notorious for the low, cheap quality of the condoms and contraception they provide. They have lied about offering mammograms (they do not, unless they began after their lies were exposed); they ignore the connection between abortion and women’s increased chances of breast cancer; and they repeatedly lobby against legislation that would protect women and young girls from sexual predators; they have continually pushed downward the age limit of students at which they target their “sex education” programs in public schools; and they have managed to tie their eugenicist “birth control” programs to the foreign aid the U. S. offers to countries around the world; and they recently pushed a telemed abortion program which is extremely dangerous to women; to mention some of the evils that are certainly not outweighed by any good I’m aware of.

      I wouldn’t go to Planned Parenthood for anything unless I was looking for an easy way ruin my life, my health and possibly contract a nasty infection along the way.

      Peace be with you, energylife, though how you could be at peace with abortion or with yourself, I cannot imagine.


    1. I am praying that same prayer with you, JW. They can go down kicking and screaming, and probably will; as long as they get shut down, they can make all the futile, fruitless and foolish noise they want to. Truth, Justice, Love and Mercy will triumph. (I know, I read the whole book and at the end of the last chapter, we win.) ;)

      Peace be with you. :)


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