Scott Hahn is coming to Birmingham!

Covenant and Communion: The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, by Scott HahnAs if getting to participate in the March for Life in Washington DC wasn’t exciting enough, one of my friends called me on Sunday to let me know that Scott Hahn is coming to Birmingham on March 3 at Samford University. (Samford is a Baptist university! How’s that for coolness?). And she already signed me up. She knows what a Hahn fan I am. Reading his books and listening to his talks helped me answer the call to come home to the Catholic Church. When my friend expressed interest in the Church, I recommended Hahn titles to her, gave her some talks to listen to, and the rest was history. She was received this past September. Woohoo! Welcome home, buddy; you know who you are! And thank you for being proactive and getting me registered for the big day! =)

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