Massive turnout for the March for Life in DC

I just finished editing a bunch of photos of the March that took place earlier today. We had freezing rain and sleet this morning but it slacked off as I was heading to the rally. There were pro-life marchers everywhere I looked. I mean everywhere! I uploaded some photos to my Flickr page. I didn’t even try to lug around my Canon Rebel; these were all taken with a little Canon PowerShot SD780 that I bought right before I made the trip. It’s an okay little camera. The main thing I like about it is its size and weight: it’s small enough to fit in my top jacket pocket and fits in the palm of my little bitty hand. :)

A fraction of the crowd at the March for Life in DC I liked the sign this gentleman was carrying
More photos on my Flickr page in my March for Life 2010 DC set.

It was good to see so many priests and religious there, as well as groups from parishes from all over the country (a good number of fellow Southerners!). I saw Franciscans from EWTN and from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and Fr. Tom Euteneuer from Human Life International. He was kind enough to allow me to photograph him. Christians of all stripes braved the cold and the freezing rain. By the time the march was over, the rain had stopped, the clouds were scattered and blue sky made a welcome appearance. Spirits were high, people were friendly, and I will definitely do this again. Of course, I’ll have to get in shape before I make this trek next year. The walk nearly did me in. Lung disease makes a march like this one a real challenge. But it’s supposed to be a sacrifice, so I’m not really complaining. I did make it back to my car before the time limit was up. Shhh, don’t tell anybody but I paid a souvenir vendor to give me a lift because I was having no luck hailing a cab. Oy ve, I was so winded!

I’m all better now. A few minutes at Dunkin’ Donuts devouring a sandwich, donuts, coffee and iced tea left me refreshed and happy. And I made new friends there too. We even had an interesting conversation about abortion and pro-life issues…and chronic illness, something one of my new friends and I have in common. After picking up my little canine companion at doggie daycare, it was time to head back to the hotel to order some dinner, upload the photos, post this update, then call it a night.

Thank you for keeping us all in your prayers. I kept all my friends in my thoughts, knowing how many wanted to be there and couldn’t make it this time. Maybe next year.

Well, my food will be here soon and I’m looking forward to chowing down and watching the news. Talk to you later. Peace be with you.

2 thoughts on “Massive turnout for the March for Life in DC

  1. It’s awesome that you were involved in this! My mom has started volunteering at a local pregnancy counseling place! She said everyone else there is Roman Catholic. I’m glad that the Roman Catholic church is so involved in the pro-life movement, I only wish that others would get fired up enough to do so as well.


    1. I gotta admit, the Roman Catholic presence at the March was pretty impressive. But there were plenty of non-Catholics there too. I have pictures of some of them on my Flickr page. If the weather had been better, I would have used my better camera and I’d have more and better photos.

      I’m glad to hear that your mom is volunteering. I wish that all Christians of every tradition would realize that to be anything other than pro-life is to be other than Christian. I know some folks will disagree but it’s true. You can’t be pro-choice and Catholic. You can’t be pro-choice and be a Christian. Period.

      40 Days for Life begins on Feb 17 in Birmingham. On Ash Wednesday. Prayer and fasting jump start once again. :)


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