Thoughts on the day before the journey begins

Canon PowerShot SD780I’ve been getting the car serviced and cleaned out in preparation for the journey to DC tomorrow. Spent a little more than I’d hoped; 50,000 mile check up. Argh. But I feel better knowing that everything’s okay. The car hasn’t been this clean since before I took my first road trip in it a few months after I got it. Oh, how spotless I kept it back then. Hopefully I can keep it clean this time too. Somehow, though, letting dogs and friends and friends with dogs ride in the car seems to ensure a handy supply of dirt, debris and dog hair coating everything. And I’ve been known to spill a drink or two in it myself. And then there are the cup holders. Or should I say, the drink holders? The spaces that are supposed to hold the cups but which all too often end up holding what has leaked through the cups, ugh, what a mess!

Oh, I also got another camera, a little bitty one that will easily fit into a top jacket pocket: a Canon PowerShot SD780. The controls are tiny but the camera is so thin and cute, I couldn’t pass it up. I was dreading lugging around the Rebel, slogging around in the rain or sleet with it dangling around my neck. Ouch! This little camera will be snug as a bug in a rug and safe from the cold and the drizzle in its cushy warm and dry resting place.

I’ve decided to take my dog with me. That way my really old dad won’t be stuck taking care of his dog and mine. And I won’t be missing my beloved companion the whole time. I’ve got her registered at a doggie day care which will allow me drop her off early and pick her up late, which is convenient since I haven’t driven in DC for a few years. But, good news, her day care is only a few miles from the hotel! Woohoo! And we’re staying only a few miles from downtown. Yay!

I’m thrilled and looking forward to the trip. I feel that the Lord is calling me to this, calling me to take a more active part in the fight for the right to life of each and every human being. Too many of us see this as an issue that has nothing to do with us. But any injustice to any human being is an injustice to every human being. Hey, I grew up in Alabama. The fight for civil rights is in my blood. I never understood, as a small child, why anyone would want to violate anyone’s obvious right to live his or her life in freedom. As an adult I still don’t understand it. Well, I do, actually. There is one who is an enemy of us all. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

And we are right to work to defeat him.

I plan to blog the events of the trip and the march over the next few days after I get back to the hotel each night. That’s the plan, anyway. Please keep us (my doggie and me and all those who are gathering to march) in your thoughts and prayers. Peace be with you. Talk with you soon. — Disciple.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the day before the journey begins

    1. Howdy, Catherine. :) Yeah, I don’t know about Happy Trails. Mostly they were rainy, windy, foggy trails! Argh!! But we made it and I like our hotel room. Comfy, cozy, not too far away, far enough away, and fast food is too ready at hand! ;)


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