On the massive earthquake in Haiti

I was at the Diocesan office downtown Tuesday trying to donate some money to Catholic Charities (the local office, not the national one, I trust Bishop Baker to be a faithful Catholic) but the door was locked. They go to lunch midday and I always forget about that. Later that night I got back home and turned on the Weather Channel and what do I see but news of an earthquake in Haiti. I had no idea. It happened an hour or two after my unsuccessful attempt to donate. Now I’m glad I couldn’t get in because I had an opportunity to note on my donation that I want it to be used specifically for Haitian disaster relief. Please consider donating to the cause and please be careful to whom you give your hard-earned dollars. I went straight to my parish office as soon as I could, and was told to mail it to the Diocese instead. For anyone in Northern Alabama (or elsewhere who’d like to be sure their dollars will be used wisely, responsibly and helpfully), here’s the address:

Catholic Diocese of Birmingham Alabama
PO Box 12047
Birmingham AL 35242

Make your check payable to the Diocese and please make a notation that it is to be used for Haitian Disaster Relief. Thank you and may God richly bless you! Peace be with you.

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