Trying on a new look for the Advent season

I really just wanted a theme with a main column and two sidebars, and with the free blog, the pickin’s are pretty slim. I like the themes by Andreas Viklund, though most of my favorite ones by him are not offered here. Argh. So I’m trying this one for now, for the layout and for the Advent/Christmas colors it provides. I’m using purple right now since it’s the liturgical color of Advent for weeks 1, 2, and 4, pink or rose being used for week 3. (Some communities use blue instead of purple since purple is also the color used in Lent.) I’m trying the snow effect too. For now. It may prove too annoying to keep it for long. Let me know if it bugs you. I don’t mind turning it off.

3 thoughts on “Trying on a new look for the Advent season

    1. Yeah, I almost didn’t do it, for that reason. I’m still toying with the idea of using the Sandbox theme so I can edit the CSS and have both sidebars with my own custom header and all. When I have time. I also have to upgrade to do that, so I’ve been trying to decide whether to do that or to go with a self-hosted WordPress option or to go with Blogger where I can customize and use other themes to my heart’s content without paying a dime. So many decisions, so little mind. :)

      Are the snowflakes getting on your last nerve yet? ;)


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