NEA recommends Saul Alinsky’s worse than left wing radical books

I am not kidding you, though I wish I were. I’ve read more than sixty pages of Rules for Radicals, despite its being pretty hard to stomach. I was searching for the answer to a question just now when I stumbled upon this from the National Education Association’s website:

An inspiration to anyone contemplating action in their community! And to every organizer! —From the NEA post, Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer (See also their related post, Organization Is…)

Our kids are being taught this stuff? It’s being recommended by the NEA? An inspiration? Have they read it? They agree? :O

Have you read Rules for Radicals yet? I strongly, strongly, urge you to do so.

I urge you also to get with one or more of your friends or family members and buy one copy to read and share with others so we won’t increase the royalty payments on his books to whoever receives them now (probably his third wife, Irene). I do not want to support those who are part of this movement. I do not want to promote or help to promote this guy’s ideas. As a faithful Catholic, I cannot. As a faithful American citizen, I will not.

Read the book. Find out what our leaders are up to. Find out what “community organizer” and “community organization” really means. I am writing about it and will be posting what I’ve learned soon. But don’t wait. Start looking into this and read about it now.

I said earlier on another blog somewhere, I think, that the lines are being drawn. I was wrong. The lines were drawn long ago. The battle is already on. Gird yourself, Christian. Know thine enemy.

And pray.

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