LA Times says Christian leaders going too far, civil disobedience is dangerous

I had to read these lines twice. And then I had to read them again. The L.A. Times thinks this is, yes, that’s the word they used, “dangerous”. Dangerous, as in, scary dangerous? As in, pull out the big guns to protect us from them, dangerous?

The signers of the new Manhattan Declaration put pen to paper to articulate their concerns about conscience issues for medical professionals. What they regard as a right — making sure doctors and nurses aren’t forced to participate in abortions — the Los Angeles Times is calling “dangerous.”

Here’s a quote from the Manhattan Declaration itself. Caution: Don’t read this alone! May be too frightening for anyone under the age of four.

“Like those who have gone before us in the faith, Christians today are called to proclaim the Gospel of costly grace, to protect the intrinsic dignity of the human person and to stand for the common good,” it says.

Oh, yeah. Scary. Uh huh. If we were talking about left-wing radicals and civil disobedience, we’d be talking heroes and demigods. But if we’re talking preachers, pastors and priests, then it’s “Danger, Will Robinson!” Gimme a break.

In a recent editorial titled, “Christian leaders’ stance on civil disobedience is dangerous,” the Times says they are “going too far when they declare they will break laws on abortion.”

And this may be my favorite line of all:

They need to be reminded that this is a nation of laws, not of men — even holy men. [Emphasis mine.]

Really? A nation of laws, not men? Really?! I thought we were a nation of human beings who made laws. That laws were made by mankind for mankind, not the other way around. Interesting take, L.A. Times. Very interesting.

Read the full article at LifeNews. Read the original (cough) editorial at the Los Angeles Times.

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5 thoughts on “LA Times says Christian leaders going too far, civil disobedience is dangerous

  1. 4854derrida


    I’ve recently uploaded two rare interviews with the Wobblie, anarchist, and activist Dorothy Day.

    Day had begun her service to the poor in New York City during the Depression with Peter Maurin, and it continued until her death in 1980. Their dedication to administering to the homeless, elderly, and disenfranchised continues in many parts of the world.

    Please post or announce the availability of these videos for those who may be interested in hearing this remarkable humanist.

    They may be located here:

    Thank you

    Dean Taylor


    1. Hi, Dean. Thanks for the info and the link. I’ll check out the interviews next time I’m online. I don’t know much about Dorothy Day and I’ll take this as a sign that I need to learn more now. Peace be with you. :)


    1. I will check out the blog you linked to, JW. Thanks. :) I’ve got limited time on the web until later tonight after my weekly pro-life prayer group where we do scary dangerous things like pray for the conversion of abortionists and their collaborators, and intercede for everyone in the world in need of mercy, which would basically be everyone in the world.


    2. Oh, wow, JW. I just surfed over there to view the post and to save a copy to read later and I have to thank you again for pointing it out to me. This ties directly into a writing project of mine. I’ve read a little about what he’s talking about, but only a little. I’m studying up on the Nazi’s, Hitler, Stalin, Marxism, Socialism, Alinsky, and other awful ideas for the novel. (As things develop, I’ll be writing about it on the blog.)

      Seeing the way things are going in Europe now, and also here at home, I can tell you that it makes my hair stand on end when I read what happened in the past. Surely people can’t be so stupid, can’t have forgotten the horror of those days, wouldn’t let these things happen again…

      Would they?


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