Happy birthday to me, reading Saul Alinsky

Rules for RadicalsYes, it’s my mumblemumble-th birthday and I’m celebrating by drinking coffee in my NaNoWriMo Author cup (see photo below) and writing about a book I’m reading for my next novel. I’m reading several books for my next novel; Rules for Radicals, by the late Saul Alinsky, is only one of them. Why am I reading it? Am I a radical, a revolutionary? No. I even felt compelled to say as much to the clerk at the counter when I purchased my copy. BPretending to be a writer with style with my NaNoWriMo Author's  Cuput I have to tell you, this book is very important, not only to the story I’m working on but to everyone and anyone who wants to understand what is happening in our country right now. Saul Alinsky has influenced a slew of politicians and “community organizers” over the years. Think Hilary Clinton (Alinsky’s star pupil) and Obama to name just two. You want to understand them? Read this book. Obama told us that if we wanted to understand him, we could look at the people he associates himself with. I’d like to add, if we want to understand him or Clinton, we need to study who they study.

More later. The shop is closing, it’s my birthday, I’m hungry and I’m getting out of here. Stay tuned for more.

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me, reading Saul Alinsky

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    1. Exactly. That’s why I’m reading Rules for Fools, er, I mean, Rules for Radicals and the stuff about Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Marx, and a whole bunch of other things too. And I am maintaining my sanity and my spiritual compass by taking frequent breaks to read St. Faustina and plenty of Advent meditations. Know thine enemy, important, yes. Know God and His Word, even more important.

      Plus I just gave away a few stacks (yes, stacks) of books that I no longer need or want. I’m giving away a lot of clothes next. It’s time to clean up and clean out. I’m putting my little home studio back in order in hopes of getting some music recorded and edited and posted to the blog in time for Christmas. :)


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