NaNoWriMo update, Caught up and surpassed my 3 day quota

I made it to my needed quota of words tonight for this year’s NaNoWriMo: I was three nights behind; we need to write about 1,667 words per night to reach the quota of 50,000 in 30 days; so I needed to churn out 5,001 words and get them uploaded and verified. As of a few minutes ago, that mission was accomplished and surpassed with 5,145 exquisitely scribed and perfectly crafted artifacts of articulate and ever so slightly stream of consciousness loveliness. And since you’ve read that sentence, you’ve got a pretty good idea how the whole novel writing thing is going. Swimmingly! (Which means that, since I have almost no discernible ability to swim, I am, in fact, in way over my head and am in danger of being overwhelmed—indeed, sunk—at every turn!) *Beaming grin*

After the actual writing of the rough draft ends, the time for re-writing begins. When (and if) I have something ready for anyone to read, I’m thinking of posting some of it on my other blog, Ongoing Conversion. But I’ll be working on the rough draft for the rest of this month. And who knows what will happen when the re-writes start. Oy, it makes my head hurt just to think about it. So I won’t! Not yet, anyway. ;)

Now I am going to close down this laptop and head home. Tomorrow is another full day and I need my beauty sleep. (Hey, I heard that!) I’ve got photos to edit for the rally we had on Sunday to mark the end of 40 Days for Life and also as part of our celebration of All Saints’ Day, and I’m still editing photos from my friends’ wedding. Keep me in your prayers, ya’ll. And keep our country and our leaders (both secular and in the Church) in your prayers too.

Peace be with you. I’m going home to feed dogs and listen to them bark, then I’m putting all of us to bed. My warm, cozy and utterly peaceful little bed that is calling my name. Surrounded by books that I am aching to read. But not tonight. I’m too pooped to ponder any deep and philosophical thoughts. Good night! :)


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