Prolife, prolific, paralyzed, and proof you can’t keep a good blogger down

One of my fellow Catholic bloggers, LuceMichael, mentioned another blog in a comment recently and I’m very grateful that she did. Reflections of a Paralytic: All Life is Sacred is a beautiful blog, written by Chelsea Zimmerman, a Catholic in love with Christ and His Church, faithful to the Magisterium, on fire with the Holy Spirit.

Reflections of a Paralytic
A beautiful soul and a beautiful blog

If you have read my about me page, you know that I was paralyzed in a car accident 9 years ago. I have always been a pro-life advocate, but recently I have found myself at the forefront of the stem cell research debate in this country as someone who could theoretically benefit from such research. After testifying at a senate judiciary committee hearing in the state of Missouri in favor of a ban on human I have made it my goal to research and educate people about stem cell research and human cloning. This blog is dedicated to promoting and building up a culture of life. — From the About This Blog page.

Thank you for all your writing, Chelsea. All life is, indeed, sacred. As Bishop Sheen would say, God love you!

Visit Chelsea’s blog, Reflections of a Paralytic. Read her About Me page. Read the page about her blog.

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