Divine Mercy prayer cards with papal blessing found and ordered

I’ve been telling, writing, blogging, printing out and sharing with nearly everyone I meet, the special Papal blessing that the late John Paul II bestowed upon all the faithful who would pray the Divine Mercy for an end to abortion and the culture of death. Last night I found a page that told more about it. And in the last paragraph, the article said that a prayer card is available with the blessing on one side and the chaplet on the other.

Order the prayer cards with Pope John Paul II’s special blessing and intentions for the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy to end abortion and the culture of death: Call 800-462-7426, ask for the special papal blessing cards, Code PLPC.

Well! That was welcome news. Printing costs being what they are and all. I tried to find the card in their catalog but had no luck. So I called today while I was at the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil (you knew I’d get that mention in there, didn’t you?) and asked them if the blessing was still in effect and if the cards were still to be had. And they said, Yes! I have 100 cards on the way, to give to everybody I know and to leave lying about in parishes and tables in coffee shops and wherever I happen to be when I happen to think about it.

Read more at the Divine Mercy site. (This is the site run by the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, official promoters of the Divine Mercy message and devotion since 1941.) And you can order the cards for yourself by calling 1-800-462-7426 and asking for the special papal blessing cards (code PLPC).

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