Divine Mercy in my mailbox

For months I couldn’t order any books. (Ah, the joys of living simply—simply broke, that is.) But now that I’ve got a little money, I treated myself to a few new goodies: some pro-life material (some to read and keep, some to give away) from Priests for Life; a book by Dr. Charles Rice on the natural law; In Conversation with God (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany); two by Bishop Sheen (The World’s First Love and The Priest is Not His Own); some Divine Mercy prayer cards (some to keep, some to give away); and last, but not least, several Divine Mercy books and a DVD (titles below).

How excited was I to get all these goodies in my mailbox? Very! Especially when I started looking through Pillar of Fire in My Soul and realized that it contains Fr. Ignacy Rozycki’s Essential Features of the Devotion to the Divine Mercy. This is a summary of his 500-page text which he undertook for the Vatican for the cause of canonization of St. Faustina, a study to which he devoted nearly ten years of his life! Until last night all I’d found were online editions in Italian, French and Polish. Not much help to me. English is my only language. I still don’t have the full text which I would love to have, but I’m glad to be able to read this summary for now, especially since the summary wasn’t written by someone else but is the text of a lecture in which Fr. Rozycki himself summarized his research. And the editor, Robert Stackpole, says he beautifully summarized it. That’s good enough for me.

Well, it’s time to head downtown for my shift at the prayer vigil outside the abortion mill. I bought a 16×20 print of hte Divine Mercy image yesterday and an inexpensive frame for it to prop up against a tree while we pray the Chaplet for an end to abortion and the whole culture of death. Keep us in your prayers and I’ll keep you in mine too.

Peace be with you.


4 thoughts on “Divine Mercy in my mailbox

  1. I forgot to tell you! It’s apparently THIS Tuesday for the vigil, not last Tuesday. We’re also drawing a bunch of hearts on the pavement near the chapel here–1 for each child who is killed each day (so around 3500 hearts). So keep me in your prayers. This Tuesday!

    What game?

    I also never imagined that I’d be so interested in religious books. I was born and raised Christian, my dad’s a pastor, and I never really questioned anything about it. If you’d tried to hand me a philosophy book or an apologetics book even 2 years ago I would have laughed and never read it. Now it’s all I can even conceive of wanting to read (except the occasional Star Wars novel)! God works in awesome ways.


    1. The game was Auburn vs LSU. Yawn. I just don’t care. I just ain’t a sports fan. I know that this is sacrilegious to say in this part of the world, but there you have it. I did see the last minute or so of the Alabama vs Tenn game and I have to admit that watching that blocked kick was pretty cool.

      I’ll keep ya’ll in my prayers for your upcoming vigil experience. That sounds like a good idea about the drawing on the pavement. (See my next post for a couple of photos of our spot.)

      And yes, God does work in awesome ways. I’ve always been interested in the things I’m interested in now. I just wasn’t interested in the version of them that fascinates me now. And I know just what you mean: it’s very difficult for me to do anything else. Even my photography is an extension of my love for God and the Church. Landscapes and the sky make me think of the Glory of God and make me feel grateful that He created the universe.

      God is good! I love Him and I’m not ashamed to say it!


  2. My greatest sin is to blow all my money on books :(. I guess that’s better than spending it on other things though! I have literally stacks of books all around my dorm room. Everywhere. Sometimes I wonder why my roommate deals with me.


    1. Yet another reason I like you, JW: You’re a fellow bookworm! I love having my nose in a book. ;) And I love reading about philosophy, psychology and religion. Years ago I never imagined that this would mean studying the faith. Who knew?

      And yeah, I can so relate to the stacks of books. But try, around the house, instead of, around the dorm room. I’m a tad older than you, methinks. Having roommates can be fun, but as far as roommates who are also fellow bookworms, I’ve only had one. No, I take that back, even though it was a lovely rhyme. I’ve actually had two.

      How’d your vigil experience go? (I’ll check your blog to see if you mentioned it.) I’m headed back down there today, will be there for a couple of hours before heading to a friend’s house to have dinner and watch the game. Personally I don’t give a hoot about the game, I just want to see my friend and my dog wants to play with her dog. ;)


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