Resident says vigil hurts property values, huh?

Yep, a gentleman who lives across the street from the abortion mill told our vigil attendees that the “protest” (the word pro-abortion folks prefer to peaceful-pro-life-prayer-vigil; I admit, it is a shorter expression) lowers the property values of the apartment building where he lives. :O Oh, no, he didden!

Oh, yes, he did. He actually said that we, the peaceful prayer presence of 40 Days for Life, are bringing property values down. The slaughterhouse across the street—that exists in its spot across the street each and every day, with its attendant and repugnant smell* that I find difficult to tolerate even for the brief time I’m there—doesn’t affect property values, oh, no, it’s us. Why? Because, he explained, we make people notice the abortion mill. We make it impossible for folks to ignore.

Well, Hallelujah and Amen, brother! That is exactly what we’re trying to do! Not to bring property values down, but to bring human values up! Up to where we really do have liberty in this country; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

For ALL!


*Someone told me that it might be the tree on the corner, but I don’t smell it every day and it doesn’t smell like a tree to me. It smells like blood and it makes me very ill every time I smell it.

2 thoughts on “Resident says vigil hurts property values, huh?

  1. Catherine

    Let me get this straight: protesters are the problem because they draw attention to the mass murder of children going on inside the concentration camp across the street from his residence? So, as long as you’re a QUIET concentration camp and you aren’t BOTHERING anybody it’s OK. Got it.


    1. Yeah, that’s basically what he’s saying. (Shakes head.) Sad, ain’t it? What a sick and twisted mind. A lot of people have stopped and talked to us and have been very supportive. Some have even jogged by and said, “Glad you all are out here, doing this!” But some…not so much. I offer up my prayers, works, joys and sufferings daily for the conversion of those whose hearts and minds are so hardened. And in reparation for sins. And for grace and graces for those who are already offering their time and efforts to help those in need.

      Peace be with you, Catherine.


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