Ongoing Conversion, getting more personal

I want to keep this blog centered on doctrine, issues, news, views, apologetics and the like, a place for study and reflection. But I also want to do writing of a more personal nature. That’s why tonight I re-opened my original blog, Ongoing Conversion, where I’ll be doing something more along the line of journaling my journey. Expect the occasional poem or song—yes, I said song. I love to compose music and record it in my little, teeny tiny home studio. And since National Novel Writing Month is coming up (November!),  I may do a bit of stretching my writing muscle (or lack thereof) by subjecting you poor unsuspecting readers to some pure gibberish there. Oh, well, I guess you aren’t unsuspecting any more, are you, since I just so unwisely warned you. Drat! Oh, well, perhaps someone will stumble into my wickedly woven web and I can wrap my silk threads around them and hold them in suspense or, at least, suspended animation, until I can churn out a silly and excessively sloppy sentence or two.

(You see how it’s going to be, don’t you? I have to write 50,000 words in 30 days for the novel and I’ve got to get used to padding (something I never do on this blog, no, oh, gosh, no, I would never pad anything on this blog, no sirree, not me, no padding whatsoever!) to reach the 1,667 word per day quota.)

Well, that’s it for tonight. I spent entirely too much time trying out different themes and making custom headers for ’em all before I found something I could live with. Or blog on. With. Oh, good grief, I gotta go home.

Peace be with you and thank you for reading. Have a blessed First Friday! :)

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