A collective psychosis, yes, indeed

The following quote was taken from an article* I found recently on the web, and is purported to be the words of a “doctor speaking out…after the murder of Dr. Georger [spelling in the original] Tiller.” Which murder** I sincerely and strongly denounced as horrible and not the action of someone who is pro-life. Pro-life cannot be reduced to merely “anti-abortion”, no matter how many times pro-abortionists say so, and they do, over and over again.

“The idea that an embryo or fetus is equal to or more important than the life of a contankerous [spelling, again, in the original] adult doctor is no longer a sick private delusion. It is a collective psychosis masquerading as religon [ditto about the spelling, oy ve!] that has become a political force threatening democratic society.”

Right. Well, I have to agree. There certainly is a sizable portion of our population suffering from the serious delusion that murder of innocent and defenseless children in the womb is no more a sin than throwing out yesterday’s newspaper. And that delusion certainly does threaten our so-called democratic society.

I hope that so-called “doctor” isn’t a pediatrician or an ob/gyn! I wish he could have his license pulled for saying (and advocating!) such a sick and thoroughly disgusting view. But that won’t happen. Not yet. Not under the current administration. And since I do believe in freedom of speech, which I don’t think means unlimited freedom, I guess I don’t want his license revoked. I just wish our medical schools weren’t turning out “physicians” that think that way. But they do. And will continue to do so. Unless all of us who believe in Christ and in His teachings—and in the innate value and God-given dignity*** of the human person—stand together and make our voices heard all over this land, all over this world.

There is definitely a collective psychosis masquerading as religion in society today. And it’s time that all of us, believers and people of goodwill alike, unite and face down the powers of darkness that are trying to force truth and goodness out of our lives and our world.

For good.


*Quoted from the article: Beware of Anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers, found on the web at

**Read my earlier blog post from June 2 2009, Murder is not pro-life.

***Read Dignitas Personae: On Certain Bioethical Questions, by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Online. PDF format. Order a copy.

And, please, after reading the article I’ve quoted and reading the Church document, tell me which of these two viewpoints is sick, psychotic and thoroughly reprehensible. I’ll be back later. I have to go wash my hands, clean that filth out of my mind, and find some way to clean my eyes after having read the words. Yes, I feel that strongly about it, I certainly do. Don’t you?

2 thoughts on “A collective psychosis, yes, indeed

  1. Both the articles we’ve talked about tonight sound like these doctors are taking their cues from the pages of Saul Alinsky or the GLAAD pagebook. That is: minimalize the opposition by turning their viewpoint into *extremism*, marginalize them by continuously questioning their mental health, wash, rinse and repeat, ad nauseum. Unfortunately, our fellow citizens are just too darn lazy to engage their intellect to see through this.
    George Stephanopoulis admitted that the Clinton Administration’s tactic was ‘repeat it often enough and it becomes the Truth’.
    Thank you for pointing me to this, Disciple.


    1. You’re welcome. I’m trying to point out this stuff to as many people as I can. And thank you for posting what you did about the illogic of an abortion doctor. Evidently psychosis and illogic go hand in hand. Oy.


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