So how does opposing abortion and euthanasia make me a racist?

Some of my friends are black, some are white, some are Hispanic, some are Japanese, some are this, some are that. They’re all human and that’s what matters. They know that I don’t care about the color of their skin. They know that I love them. And I think they love me. When I oppose the bigotry and prejudice that abounds in this world, when I stand up to a group of angry, drunken burly white men who are trying to bully a group of young Hispanics and blacks, am I a racist then? When I speak out about racial hatred and outrageous behavior, am I a racist then?

Then how does opposing abortion and euthanasia make me a racist? How does standing up against the genocide that has been aimed at the black community since the early days of Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood, make me a racist? I’m waiting for someone to explain that to me. My black friends can’t. Some of them voted for Obama, some didn’t. Some are pro-abortion, some aren’t. (I’m not going to play the ridiculous game of calling pro-abortion “pro-choice”, I think we should call it what it is, the choice being to end a human life.) But none of them think of me as a racist. I doubt that we would be friends if they thought of me as a racist. And we certainly wouldn’t be friends if I actually was a racist.

And then there’s the fact that my own friends who happen to be black have to face ugly opposition from their other friends and even within their own families for daring to speak the truth. For daring to vote for anyone else when they could have voted for Obama because he’s black. Doesn’t matter what he stands for to some folks, I reckon. I wanted to vote for him myself, but I couldn’t, not with his political ideas and his immense support for the culture of death in this country and around the world. And that’s why so many of my friends didn’t vote for him either. Black and white, doesn’t make any difference what color, we could not and will not vote for anyone who is so pro-death. And I have never seen anything in my own lifetime as pro-death as the current administration.

Black Pro-Life Leader Says Opposition to Pro-Abortion Health Care Plans Not Racist: Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is black but against abortion and euthanasia and opposes Obama’s “healthcare” plans. Does that make her a racist?

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