40 Days for Life begins Wednesday, Sept 23

For forty days Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert before he began His public ministry. Every year Catholics around the world prepare for the Easter celebration by fasting and praying during the forty days of the Lenten season. We also prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ as a baby in Bethlehem by praying and reflecting on the Gospel story during the season of Advent, which begins on November 29 2009. And what better way to prepare for Advent than by participating in this year’s 40 Days for Life.

You don’t have to do anything heroic or costly or time-consuming. You don’t have to commit to not eating everyday until you faint. (Fasting generally refers to not eating 3 full meals a day, eating 2 small meals instead and not eating between meals. Fasting is not the same thing as abstinence either; in terms of diet, abstinence refers to giving up red meat.) You can give up something else if you have health issues or if you’re very young or very old. The point is to make some sort of sacrifice, give up something important to you. Something that will make a difference to you. Choose something, commit to it and stick to it. You don’t have to do anything at all. But you can offer to pray every day to end the horror of abortion. Offer to do what you can. And do what you offer to do. That’s all there is to it. Everyone can do something. Homebound, bedridden. Healthy or ill. Young or old. Everyone. Everyone has something of value to give:


40 Days for Life, fasting and praying to end abortion
40 Days for Life, fasting and praying to end abortion

These daily devotionals will help you along. Thank you for considering giving of yourself, your time and love during the 40 Days for Life in 2009.

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