Biology goes bang, as in, Big Bang

Darwinism seems to have a dilemma. No, it’s not a new dilemma. It’s one that Darwin himself noticed but decided that he would leave for future generations to iron out. Of course, Darwinists today have not yet ironed out this little problem. In fact, they tend to leave it out of their arguments entirely or pretend that it doesn’t matter if you have the bad manners to bring it up. What am I talking about? The Cambrian Explosion, of course, and the fossil record which evolutionists claim proves evolution. And what is the Cambrian Explosion?

[The Cambrian explosion was] a moment of geological time [when] complex animals first appeared on earth fully formed, without evidence of any evolutionary ancestors…Charles Darwin viewed this as an inexplicable mystery. He had envisioned the evolution of life through a multitude of small, undirected steps. Yet, the fossil record reveals no such pattern of gradual development. Instead, early in the Cambrian period compound eyes, articulated limbs, sophisticated sensory organs and skeletons burst into existence seemingly out of nowhere.

Darwin's Dilemma DVD
Darwin's Dilemma DVD

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Description of the Discovery Institute podcast for 9/9/09

Description of the Sep 9 2009 podcast: On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin discusses how trails of microorganisms knock down a favorite Darwinist argument against the Cambrian explosion. Listen in as Luskin explains why Darwinists remain stuck—whether they like it or not—with a very explosive Cambrian explosion that isn’t the mere artifact of an imperfect fossil record. — Discovery Institute podcast, Sept 9 2009.

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You might also enjoy seeing the YouTube video, Journey inside the Cell, also from the Discovery Institute and Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell, which I hope to be able to get hold of soon.

2 thoughts on “Biology goes bang, as in, Big Bang

  1. I always find this highly interesting. The only times I’ve read about the Cambrian Explosion in darwinian literature is when it’s only given a dismissive shrug… generally something like “Oh, well that is accounted for in evolution.” How exactly is it accounted for? What explains this explosion of life/phyla? Why haven’t we had more phyla since then?


    1. I find it interesting too. I’ve enjoyed reading about science for as long as I can remember. And some of the most interesting science I ever read had to do with origins, where we came from. Fascinating stuff. I don’t have any trouble at all with the notion of evolution. But the evolution that makes sense to me is not Darwinian evolution, which, contrary to what Darwinian evolutionists will tell you, is not the only game in town. Evolution as change over time makes sense. Evolution as one species changing into a whole completely new species as a result of natural selection is a jumbled mess of unproven and unprovable leaps of imagination disguised as science. I find the arguments put forth by Darwinists singularly uncompelling.

      As soon as I say that, some Darwinist will accuse me of having overstepped an invisible line out of my area of competency and onto the hallowed ground of science. How dare I? I’m a layperson and a believer in religion to boot. Doesn’t that necessarily mean that I have nothing to say on the matter?

      Nope. It means that first and foremost, I am a human being with human intelligence and reason. If the evidence is there as they say it is, then show me. If everything about man can be accounted for by Darwin’s theory of materialistic atheistic evolution (which is what his theory is), then show me the material evidence. I keep waiting for someone to do that. And so far no one has. They just mumble some gibberish, dismiss the question and scamper away.

      It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that if anyone could ever prove that the Church has it all wrong and that Christ never lived, never died, never rose from the dead, was not the Son of God, I would cease to be Christian at that very moment. Just so, if anyone could ever actually prove that Darwinian evolution actually is the origin of our species, I would have to accept it, since my whole aim in life has been and is to seek and find and adhere to the truth, no matter what that truth is.

      So far no one has come within millions of lightyears of proving either of those things. I promise you that I will be honest enough to admit it if they ever do.


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