Murderer kills activist for being pro-life

September 11th was a dark day in 2001. And it was a dark day again in 2009 when a brave pro-life activist was gunned down while carrying a sign outside a high school in Michigan. And there is no doubt that he was targeted by his assailant precisely because he (the victim) was pro-life since he (the murderer) admitted it:

“Prosecutors said Drake told them he targeted Pouillon because of his pro-life activities.” Quoted from

And where is the voice of the pro-abortion crowd, denouncing such violence as they did when Tiller was murdered? Most pro-lifers who have any sense at all were saddened at his murder because they are pro-life and murder is not pro-life! The ends do not justify the means. Who does not understand this? Well, I guess that’s a silly question. If everybody understood it, there would be no need for pro-life activity. Because there wouldn’t be anyone taking life so lightly…or taking life at all!

Read more about it at:

2 thoughts on “Murderer kills activist for being pro-life

    1. In your area? Wow. And the local news didn’t even mention the small and insignificant detail of the murderer’s motive, which he admitted to the police? Isn’t that amazing? It’s gotten very little coverage on the networks, from what I can tell. I subscribe to pro-life email newsletters and podcasts, that’s how I knew about it. Fox mentioned it and ran it on the news ticker, Beck and Huckabee both have mentioned it more than the regular news. Very sad state of things, isn’t it, JW?

      40 Days for Life begins on Wednesday of this week. I keep pro-life workers in my prayers and I will add prayers during this time.


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