The Church as the Body of Christ, with another graphic

Below is an illustration I made tonight of the Church as the Body of Christ and the fact that as members of the Church we unite ourselves with Christ on His cross during the Mass. The image of Christ Crucified overlays the image of the Church building in the shape of a cross, with Christ’s Head in the Sanctuary and with His Body in the nave. He and the tabernacle, the Host, the Priest, the Altar, are all in the Sanctuary. The doorway into the vestibule lies at His Feet. We the congregation form the Body of Christ. The Priest represents Christ for us.

The Church as the Body of Christ

Journeying Toward God in the Barque of Peter

I think it’s beautiful symbolism. And I wish church buildings were still built in this image. A picture is worth a thousand words; architectural symbols speak louder even than that. The way we build our worship spaces says a lot about us and to us.

(And I hope nobody thinks I’m taking credit for all this artwork I’m using in my graphics. I am no artist, not that kind of artist, for sure.)

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