Diagrams for the audio of the Mass workshop, revised set

Update: Oct 19 2012: A long while back I started a series of posts on the Mass  and made these graphics to go with that series. I hope to get back to it and delve into the other sacraments, too, at some point. I thought I’d point these out again for anyone who hadn’t seen them before, thinking that someone might perhaps find them somewhat useful in the Year of Faith. I have found them helpful for my own contemplation. Maybe you will, too. One word: that is not a typo in the graphic below where the word is spelled creatio in Latin. So there. For once, it’s not a typo. ;)

Mass, Salvation, Sacraments: Set One, Revised

Economy of Salvation, Genesis
Economy of Salvation, The Fall
Economy of Salvation, The Annunciation and Incarnation
Economy of Salvation, The Crucifixion
Economy of Salvation, The Resurrection

I adjusted the alignment of the confessionals (they’re like little lifeboats on the side of the Ship, the Barque of Peter) in the horizontal image.

Journeying Toward God in the Barque of Peter

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