Rhetoric dangerous to the fabric of our democracy, gimme a break

I just now wrote a letter to Geico about their decision to pull their advertising dollars from Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News. If you haven’t heard, Color Of Change has been organizing folks to write to corporations to urge them to re-direct their advertising money away from Glenn, since he isn’t afraid to say things that certain people don’t want to hear. I told Geico how disappointed I am that they displayed such a lack of courage by “caving in” (I couldn’t resist; and I also didn’t use that in my letter) this way to such tactics of intimidation.

Dangerous to the fabric of our democracy, indeed. There are people who want to stop other people from being able to say anything these days, especially if it’s true. Read the press release for yourself. I can hardly wait to watch Beck tonight to see if he’ll say anything about it. Good grief, people, how about organizing for something that would do the country some good, something like real health care reform, an end to the culture of death, the promotion of the culture of life, feeding hungry people. Something that really would be taking a stand against things that really are dangerous to the fabric of our democracy.

Trying to bully people into silence is not the way of democracy. There’s the real problem. Too many people who aren’t interested in democracy at all but, rather, want nothing more than to force their ideas on everybody else. Give me a break. And get some backbone, Geico. Let those cavemen make the decisions from now on. They couldn’t do any worse.

2 thoughts on “Rhetoric dangerous to the fabric of our democracy, gimme a break

  1. Disciple

    Yeah, though I think he probably ignored criticism rather than attempt to suppress it. Of the two reactions, neither of which are ideal, I think I’d choose to be ignored rather than suppressed. Being allowed to speak my mind, I stand a chance of being heard by someone somewhere. That’s something, at least.


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