Giving Doctors Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia

I am in favor of health care reform. We need it. I agree. But I am not in favor of the ideas I’ve heard about in the plan currently being considered by the House. And to all those who have told me that my concerns about abortion and euthanasia are completely unfounded, I say: Oh, yeah? Read the articles I’ve linked to below. And then read some more on your own, something perhaps a little more objective than the press releases from the people pushing this plan.

From the article, Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia (

“But a closer look shows that section 1233 includes conditions and financial incentives for physicians and other health care providers that create a setting in which an elderly patient’s decision to appropriate this option is likely to be less than voluntary,” he writes.

Beckwith says anyone with elderly parents should be “deeply concerned” about the section.

“If, let’s say, H.R. 3200 or something close to it were to become law and the public option pushes private insurance into near non-existence (as would surely happen with all the incentives in place), then there will no neighboring state to which to run,” he says. “You won’t be able to take your business elsewhere, since there will be no elsewhere.”

“And to whom will you issue your grievance, a special ‘health court,'” Beckwith asks.

Such a court, he says, would be “one likely informed by a youth-worshipping culture and a utilitarian bioethics philosophy that sees the elderly (not to mention, handicapped infants) as burdens that are siphoning away valuable resources that could be put to better use in support of society’s “real persons” and more productive contributors.”

After reading all this and looking into these things on your own, can you honestly tell me that there is no cause for concern? I see a pattern here, a direction in which we are tending, a trajectory along which we are headed. And to be perfectly frank with you, it scares me.

It has scared me right into studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church (searchable) and JPII’s marvelous writings (The Gospel of Life, The Splendor of Truth, Faith and Reason, to name just a few), the Bible. And listening to news shows and talk shows that I never used to listen to before. And praying. Praying the Scriptures and the Rosary and the Mass also like never before. Practicing my faith, living it, more seriously and with more depth and commitment than I ever imagined I would.

Imagine what would happen if we would all do that. If all the folks who call themselves Christians would all at once begin actually practicing what they preach, living what they pay lip service to every day. We would have what Joyce Meyer calls a love revolution. I know, I know, she isn’t Catholic and though I don’t accept everything she says, I have often enjoyed listening to her. And she’s right about this: We do need a love revolution. We need it now and, with the grace of God, we can do it!

Our Father, help us to protect and defend and cherish and love all human life from natural conception to natural death. Help us to work for real health care reform that won’t deform the notion of health care in this country for generations to come. Help us to stand together and stand strong in the face of those who mock us, misunderstand us, our beliefs and our motives. Help us to help those who count on us to give them the help they need. And, Father, help us to value each human life for the simple reason that he or she is human and not because we stand to gain something from them. Each and every human life is precious in Your sight and, therefore, should be precious in ours.


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