Our God is an Awe-some God, Francis Chan video

I’ve been fighting with technical problems today and working on my continuing review (of Letter to a Christian Nation. (I watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and I heartily recommend it! Going to watch it again tonight and make notes.) While replying to a post on a Catholic Answers forum, I checked my favorite Catholic audio blog, Sonitus Sanctus, to get a link, and that’s where I found a link to a free audiobook at another Christian audio site, and that’s where I saw a video by Francis Chan called, The Awe Factor of God. Whew! Isn’t the internet wonderful? And our God is truly an awesome God, indeed!

I signed up to YouTube just so I could comment and favorite some vids. You can check out my page there to see what I’ve found. Please copy/paste the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/DiscipleOfChrist96 to your browser. (That way I don’t have to post the link and get spammed.) I’ve been planning some vids of my own but who knows when I’ll get around to actually making them. ;)

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