EWTN Family Celebration

What a day! I got to the concert hall at the BJCC just as Deacon Bill, Fr. Joseph and Fr. Mark were coming to the end of their talk and Q&A. A talk by Fr. Wade Menezes followed. Fr. Wade is with the Fathers of Mercy; you’ve probably seen him on EWTN TV or heard him on Catholic radio. I always enjoy hearing him. His theme this time was the event theme: Rejoice in Hope. After a break, Marcus Grodi (The Journey Home on EWTN TV and radio; Deep in Scripture on Catholic radio) gave a talk about ongoing conversion and fidelity to the Church and true Catholic teaching. Both talks were well received and very timely considering the situation we are currently facing in our country. (More on both talks later.)

Mother A and the Pope say Hi!
Mother A and the Pope say Hi!

Two particularly shining moments for me were when I got to meet both Fr. Wade and Marcus after hearing them speak. I’m a big fan of both of them. I’ve been watching Marcus’s The Journey Home for years. I enjoy conversion stories but I especially enjoy hearing the stories of how those in ministry have discovered the truth of the Catholic Church and have made the journey home. (Marcus is also the founder and president of Coming Home Network International, whose purpose is:

“…to provide fellowship, encouragement and support for Protestant pastors and laymen who are somewhere along the journey or have already been received into the Catholic Church. The CHNetwork is committed to assisting and standing beside all inquirers, serving as a friend and an advocate.” — From the Coming Home Network International Mission Statement.

Next post, a smattering of photos. (The lighting wasn’t the best for photography purposes and I’m still learning about taking photos in low-light situations, so these aren’t great art, they’re just what they are. Sigh.) I’m writing a brief summary of the talks from the notes I took. It was pretty funny: the lady in front of me during one talk kept nodding off and there I was, wide-eyed, taking photos, taking notes. (She shoulda taken some No-Doz cuz at one point, she nearly fell outta her chair. Of course, at that point, I nearly fell outta my chair laughing. But then I realized with her snorin’ like she was, they’d probably never swing the TV camera over our way, so I started kickin’ the back of ‘er chair. Wasn’t that all holy and saint-like of me? Heh.)

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