The Land Formerly Known as the Home of the Brave and the Free

Lots of interesting conversations today with folks who mistakenly think that, because I am opposed to a bill that pushes abortion and euthanasia and other Obama-nations, that I am, therefore, opposed to health care reform of any kind. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I learned a long time ago that whenever someone tries to get something by me in a rush without me getting a good look at it, they’re usually up to no good.

Look into this bill. Think about it. Don’t let anyone from any party fool you. Listen. Read. Ask questions. And understand that we have to stand up for our rights and for the rights of those who cannot stand up for themselves. This is America. Let’s not let it become the Land That Was Formerly Known As the Home of the Brave and the Free.

6 thoughts on “The Land Formerly Known as the Home of the Brave and the Free

    1. Disciple

      Hi, JW. This is a much bigger problem than most people realize but folks are starting to wake up. The sleeping giant-silent majority is rousing itself from its slumber. Good thing! There is a beast slouching toward Washington. And his minions are already there.


  1. Yes, Indeed! Look into who is sponsoring the protests against health care reform. These are people like Dick Armey and Rick Scott. They are the money changers you have let into the temple. They serve their own greed, and you are being duped into supporting corporate profits over care for your fellow man. Wake up!


    1. Disciple

      I’m afraid you are the one who has been duped, dear. I follow no party. I am faithful to Christ my Lord. And I am praying for the conversion of Obama and all his camp. I am not supporting corporate profits over the welfare and benefit of my fellow man. But your gang is happy to throw us all under the bus.


  2. A.j.

    And then tell them to give up their medicare and medicaid because that’s socialized medicine and they don’t want anything to do with socialized medicine or do they?


    1. Disciple

      You know, it’s not so much who would be running the health care business as much as it is how they propose to run it and what they propose to do with it. And those in power seem disinclined to consider what any of us mere mortals want, in any case. And I’m talking about those in positions of authority and power on both sides of the aisle.

      I don’t want to pay for abortion or euthanasia. I pay for enough idiocy already and I don’t care to add paying for evil to the list. It’s not the socialized part I have a problem with. It’s the uncivilized part. That I have a huge problem with!


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