I’ve had enough of The Department of Homeland Stupdity and the Dadgum Numbskull Committee

I’m waiting for a table at my favorite coffee shop (where else?) and I’m sifting through my email when I find this little gem in a newsletter:

In response to the heated townhall’s occurring across the country, the Democratic National Committee in a new TV ad has also taken to intimidation calling those opposing healthcare reform a “Republican mob” of “right-wing extremists.”

I do not oppose healthcare reform. I oppose healthcare perversion which is what I see happening. I’m all for healthcare reform. I’d love for everyone to have insurance and to be able to go to the doctor and receive the treatment they need. But I absolutely oppose the way the so-called “reform” is proceeding. And I absolutely refuse to support any bill that includes abortion or euthanasia or other things which I find appalling and alarming.

So does that make me part of a mob? Did the Town Hall meetings frighten the widdle Democwats? Did the people yelling and getting angry shock them? Did they actually think that we are all stupid and that we will just accept whatever they want to ram down our throats as long as they pretend to do one thing while they do another?

The Democrats I’ve seen in “debates” and in “discussions” on TV and other places have been using the “drown them out” tactic for a long time, but especially the past few months. Get angry, appeal to emotions, yell, anything to keep the other side from being able to make their case and be heard. So they don’t like it all when the shoe’s on the other foot, huh?

Well, toooooooo baaaaaaad. We are sick and tired of being lied to and treated like idiots who exist only to be herded into one voting booth after another while politicians pass legislation that no one even tells us about. What are we voting on? I don’t remember voting to give my tax dollars to fund abortion in this country, much less all over the world. I don’t remember voting to give the rights of personhood to rocks and trees and rivers the way the Supreme Court did back in the early 70’s. I don’t remember voting to allow women to sell their embryos for the purposes of cloning and farming a few years ago. But all these things are happening anyway. When did we cast our “yay” or “nay” on any of these issues?

Does it make us angry? Yes! Does it make us want change? Yes! Does it make us want to band together to work for change? Yes! Does that make us a mob?

(Oh, wait just a minute, the waiter is here.) Yes, sir, table for one, please. The rest of my mob will not be joining me today. It’s just li’l ol’ me, a mob of one.

Oy ve.

Watch the TV ad at Breitbart.TV.

And let me know whatcha think. I thought it was sumpin from MadTV or Saturday Night Live at first. Good grief.

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