I wanna go to a Town Hall Meeting

I used to think that town hall meetings would have to be the most boring things in the world and a particularly unimaginative manner in which to waste precious time, but after watching yet another (cough cough) skillful ad put on the air by the DNC, I think I’m going to have to re-think my position on the notion. Oh, wait, excuse me, I made a mistake. It’s not the DNC, the Dadgum Numbskull Committee, it’s the DSSC, the Demented Sarcastic Stentorian Committee. My bad. Sorry about that.


Wanna go to a town meeting in your town? Check this list to find a meeting in your area. Or check this list, Recess Rally.

“We the people say NO to socialized healthcare!” It’s time to let our voices be heard! :)

Watch yet another stupid TV ad at Breitbart TV.

If it weren’t for the fact that it’s all so reminiscent of Hitler’s tactics, it would be pretty funny. Oy ve, oy ve, oy ve. Deep and heartfelt sigh. :(

9 thoughts on “I wanna go to a Town Hall Meeting

  1. You have a holy mission. You have a strong arm and a mighty bow, but the process of choosing your targets, your aim, is flawed.

    Health care, like education uplifts all of mankind. Yet even in education there are a few teachers who abuse their students. You don’t trash the entire educational system for a few bad workers.

    I fear you have stumbled into the temptation to serve a different master – you are being duped into serving the money changers you let into your temple. Rick Scott is a big health care industry CEO whose company was fined $1.3 billion for fraud. HE is directing this town hall disruption fiasco. Going to town hall meetings to shout down your brothers is not the type of salvation the real Master would have you work for. You are being fooled into serving corporate profits.

    I feel sorry for people who are awed by the smoke and noise machine of the Wizard of Oz. I am Todo the dog pulling back the curtain on that deception. Sure, work against abortion. I support you on that. But don’t fall prey to the hate-filled mob mentality of political extremism. The real Master said “Feed my sheep,” “Love one another.” This false prophet is saying “shout down your brother,” and “kill the infidel.”

    You who are so worthy to spread the Good News of the Gospel have been led astray.


    1. Disciple

      “You who are so worthy to spread the Good News of the Gospel have been led astray.”

      I am not worthy of spreading the Gospel. And the Good Lord has not led me astray. He can neither deceive nor be deceived. Nor am I shouting down anyone. I don’t like that part of what people are doing, as I have stated here and elsewhere, repeatedly. I have also said, however, that I understand their frustration. That is not the same thing as condoning it. I merely understand the very human reaction to being ignored, frustrated, disempowered, mocked, tricked, and dismissed.

      This is a recipe for igniting tempers. What a surprise, then, when that is exactly what happens. One might almost think that the provoking was being done on purpose, as an excuse to shut down public assembly and expression altogether.


  2. Mmm! Did we get off track?

    Let’s go back then: Do you favor or oppose helping the sick, helping your neighbors who have drastic medical emergencies?

    If you favor that ideal of the Good Samaritan, then why the vehement denunciation of universal health care as proposed by Obama?


    1. Disciple

      Now you have hit the nail on the head. I do not oppose reform of health care. We need it and we have needed it for a long time. I myself am one of those people who have no health care, no insurance, and I have a serious health issue that I wish I could address with medical care. But I can’t afford it.

      But I do oppose what I have learned is in the reform as it now stands. I am not for abortion. I am opposed to supporting it with my tax dollars. I am opposed to the utilizing of people, any class or group of people, for my benefit to the detriment of themselves. I am opposed to the pushing of euthanasia on old people who have “outlived” their usefulness to those who are younger and in better health. I am opposed to the cloning and farming of embryos as if they were just pieces of meat. I am opposed to treating humans of any kind as if they were just so much cattle or so much matter instead of living humans who matter.

      I am not opposed to what you think I am opposed to. I am for exactly those things you speak of in your reply. But these other things are being pushed on us and in a very sneaky way. I think both parties have their problems and I am vastly disappointed in both of them, except for maybe a handful of politicians on both sides of the aisles.

      Perhaps you have labeled me a right-wing extremist before finding out exactly what I believe and exactly what I am trying to do. I am trying to be faithful to my Lord and to my Church. And I fail often. And I get back up and try again. Christ means more to me than any political party, but I have to try to find out what is going on in the world and I have to make known what I have learned. I am not trying to spread hate. I don’t even feel hate. I am upset and I am concerned. Not filled with hate. Not at all.


  3. Well you may be right in defining violence as physical attacks, but denying someone their constitutional rights by shouting matches which deny their ability for free speech and assembly is a different kind of violence – it is denial of the basic human decency of your fellow man.

    I find it incredibly astounding that people who profess to be Christian would be so violent, hard-headed in denying the very principles embodied by Christ.

    Surely you know the overwhelming commandment of our Master was that we “Love one another” and what better way to show that love, that compassion, that brotherly fellowship than to help care for his sick or ailing body?! SO why the viciousness in shouting down that most noble of human compassion, that we take care of one another – – why except for the love of money, and that perhaps the “illegal aliens” would be raiding your own pocketbook, as IF the Mexicans were any less loved of God, or any less of clear example as portrayed in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

    Sure, go ahead and spread hatred, but don’t do it in the name of Christ.


    1. Disciple

      Whoa there, Nelly. I didn’t spew any hatred for any alien group. I am concerned about the folks who want to bomb us and kill us and explode our buildings and have made it known around the world that their goal is to wipe us off the map. Maybe I’m only supposed to care about the groups you want me to care about, what I actually care about is ALL human beings. I just want my politicians to be honest and actually give me the chance to vote on legislation without continuing to push it through without anyone being able to read it and vote on it.

      Where do you get all your ideas from anyway? Where did you get the notion that I said the things you think I said? Perhaps deleting my comments from your blog allows you to maintain your fictional version of them in your imagination. But I am not spewing hatred of any kind toward anyone.

      Not even you.



  4. Disciple

    I’d like to add that I’ve been watching videos of the recent town meetings and I’ve seen lots of chanting and signs being held high. But I have yet to actually view any violence yet. I will continue to look and watch and search. If it’s there, I’ll find it and I will respond to it when I do. I will be honest about it and admit it if I am wrong.


    1. Disciple

      So where is the violence? I heard anger in those meetings. I heard frustration. I saw surprise and consternation on the faces of the politicians who apparently are out of touch with the feelings of people in the world at large, being isolated in committee meetings on the Hill in D.C.

      But, I repeat, where is the much trumpeted violence? Show me. I haven’t heard and I haven’t seen it. I am certainly not violent. I am neither liberal nor conservative. I am Christian. I am Catholic. I am faithful to Christ. I am faithful to His Church and her teachings. I have threatened no one.

      So where is this supposed violence, hmmm? Oh, here it is. I found this, Democratic violence against Republicans. Oh, but wait, that’s not what you meant, was it? Give me a break.


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