I share your anger, but stop yelling and vote these people out of office

I do understand the frustration and anger of those who are letting their tempers get away from them at town meetings lately. But this situation has been brewing a long time and I’m glad so many of us are waking up and smelling the shlinglethorpe— (Oops! Sorry. That’s one of my re-defining words from an earlier post. How’d that sneak in here?) We do need change and we do need to band together and we do need to take action. But we need to take action that will accomplish our goals. And that means we have to take intelligent and well thought out action. We need to vote in representatives who will actually represent us. We need to elect officials who will officially say what they mean and do what they say and they need to understand what we expect from them and we need to demand that they guard our rights and our freedoms instead of taking them away from us.

But we will not accomplish this by yelling and pushing and shoving and engaging in the very behavior that appalls us: Bullying! We have been bullied and pushed and shoved and ignored and misquoted and misrepresented for decades and there is no reason to deny it. Now we have a chance to make a real difference, to stand up for Truth. For Right. For Freedom.

But we will get nowhere without taking the right kind of action. We’ve got to take action that counts. Action that gets laws changed, not action that gets us arrested and takes away what freedom we still have. So let’s put our heads together and our hands together and forge ahead. It will take hard work and calm thought and much much prayer to get us through this and on the right track. We can do it if we don’t lower ourselves to the level of schoolyard bullies.

But that still ain’t what I’d call a “mob”. An angry group. A very angry group. But not a “mob”.


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